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Our preferred suppliers of EM wireline, compact, swablines, sandlines, and slicklines.

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Sales Contact: Darry Davies, Canadian Account Manager, Canada 403 723 9473 (723 WIRE) or cell 403 680 5996,

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Sales Contact: Erin Brashier, 303 330 1356, F 816 270 4707, Missouri, USA,

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Dan Hyes, US Wireline Sales Manager, 832 623 4258, 800 332 2376,

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Central Wire Industries
Sales Contact: see Eddy Carless below


Slicklines stocked in our warehouse are available for immediate professional smooth wrap tension profile installation.

ATL Canadian Technologies Ltd.
Eddy Carless - Operations Manager
96 Reinholt Ave.
Red Deer, AB
T4P 3N8
Phone (403) 341-3367
Fax (403) 341-3389
Cell (403) 304-5652

Secret to a Long Life

To maintain your cables in optimum condition and maximize your service life we provide the required services. Some of these can include repairing kinks, tightening, cleaning, lubricate and inhibit the armor while reconditioning the cable. A proper tension profile with micrometer recordings ensures safe wear limits and reliable service. Plan to get the most service life from your cables.

Thank you for helping us celebrate 47 years of business in 2023.

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